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sleeeeeepy ️ | 10.12.23
there's so much i wanted to work on today!! but instead, i finished work, sat in bed... and that's pretty much it :') i really really want to do my cat shrine already but whenever i actually have time, i sit down at my laptop, and immediately lose all interest in actually doing anything. sigh. maybe i need to stop working so late so i'm not so tired...

in other news though, i bought my first tamagotchi!! i don't really know much about them because i never got to have one as a kid, but i'm very excited :-) while looking through designs, i saw this yellow and blue one, and instantly i knew it was the one...

but of course, it ended up being like twice the price of all the other designs;; maybe it's no longer available, i'm not sure, but i really didn't want to spend forty whole dollars on it (the price on amazn), so i found it on ebay and bought it for a little less. still more than msrp, but not too bad. i think. i hope it works LOL i don't remember the last time i bought something on ebay... i received a shipping notice a few hours after buying it though, so hopefully it will get to me SOON! and hopefully it works o(>< )o

i need to stop spending money. geez.

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first blog post ️ | 10.09.23
first time working on my neocities in like three weeks and i've forgotten like everything i'd learned so far woooo!!

i have been so busy to the point where partaking in hobbies just makes me feel guilty :/ it really sucks and i wish i didn't do that. but anyway, i finally caught up on work (a little bit), so i took some time tonight to finally make a blog like i've been wanting to do for a while. it's super simple - which is what i wanted - but i might change it up eventually. originally i had intended it to be monochrome too, idk how i ended up at blue LMFAO ... and it might be a little too hard to read in its current state. i'll try to work on that next time (or i'll forget and finally get to working on my cat shrine)

running out of time came up on shuffle and phew if my life were a song, that would definitely be it right now

that's all i have to say!! it's 12:27am and i shouldn't even be awake!! idk if anyone will read this but if you somehow ended up here, i hope you a lovely week ahead of you :-)

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